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Album Review - Sam Fender Hypersonic Missiles

link to Sam Fenders debut album:

By Maya Kubisa

This debut album is one to remember. It has reached number one in the album charts within its first week of release. A guitar rock album that is about social issues to male suicide. It’s an album of despair yet hopeful that the world will change.

Hypersonic missiles is about the unnecessary wars happening and the ridiculous headlines we keep seeing every day in the media. He focuses on tough topics such as male toxicity, suicide and sexism which is clearly from a place of experience opposed to just trying to be current. The track Dead Boys came from somewhere closer to home, after his friend committed suicide a few years ago.

There’s great depth and bravery to everything Fender does and the truthfulness in all his songs is what struck a chord. Living in a world where we are currently being fed lies that lead to arrogance, it’s both special and refreshing to be presented with an album from someone not afraid to talk about his own vulnerabilities. The album is also about leaving your hometown, about the unknown but the thrill that comes with somewhere new.

He poses questions about the muddled society we are living in and experiencing. Hypersonic Missiles isn’t just another guitar album from a twenty something male, it reflects how many feel in this world when you aren’t handed everything on a silver platter.

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