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Artists To Watch

by Maya Kubisa

New music can be hard to find. It can often feel overwhelming with the vast expanse of music widely available at our fingertips. To help, I’ve compiled a list of different bands and artists you might like to give a listen.

Louis Coupe

Louis, an old uni friend, has worked incredibly hard over the years to get his music off the ground. His newest single Pale Me is a beautiful song about heartbreak, love and loss. Louis’ vocal has always been so distinctive and raw which reminds me of artists such as Paul McCartney and Bon Iver. When Louis sings it’s like a warm hug on a cold day. I think Pale Me really showcases that. He toured back in 2018 around Europe with Dan Owen, playing the Royal Albert Hall and has been played on BBC introducing and Kerrang! Radio.

I really urge you to check Louis’s music out on all platforms. Louis played the BBC Radio One‘s Big Weekend, BBC Introducing stage (virtually!) last weekend (Saturday 23rd May) which is still available to listen on BBC Sounds here:

His Music:

Social Media

Instagram: @louiscoupe

Twitter: @louiscoupe

Latest Music Video:


I found Plumm randomly on Spotify, which is rare given how the algorithm works… Her music is incredibly calming. She says she’s genreless and I would say that’s true. She mixes jazz, blues and soul sounds to create beautiful tracks. Her voice is full of soul and incredible depth. Plumm’s an incredible multi-instrumentalist who oozes talent. She’s been featured on Somewhere Soul (Jazz/ Soul podcast, magazine) and BBC Radio One Extra. If you’re into dreamy sounds and music that makes you feel relaxed, Plumm does all of that!

Her Music:

Social Media:

Instagram : @plumm.sass

Facebook: Plummofficial


Chaii is a New Zealand based Persian rapper who bends genres. She merges musical influences from Iran and the western world to make incredible beats that you can’t help but dance to. She raps both in english and persian which makes her tracks stand out from others. It seems like Chaii doesn’t feel the need to change her identity to ‘fit’ in.

Chaii’s new song ‘Trouble’ is about strength, having fun with your friends and family. It also represents what is was like for her growing up in the Middle East. The new music video for Trouble reflects all of this. The video was filmed in Oman, representing where she grew up with her Iranian parents as a child. The girl in the video does all the things she used to do, bike riding, swimming in the river and climbing trees. It’s a nostalgic view of her childhood and is an interesting way of giving us an insight into a different culture.

Latest Music Video here:

Social Media:

Instagram: @chaii_music


Orla Gartland

If you haven’t heard of Orla Gartland before, get on it! She’s an Irish singer songwriter who creates alt-pop and writes genuine, relatable lyrics. I’ve seen her live a couple of times and her on-stage energy radiates to the crowd. It’s clear she’s doing something she loves. You either belong on stage or you don’t, Orla definitely belongs there!

Her most recent EP Freckle Season captures the stages of a breakup and she does so incredibly well. From the initial heartbreak, to reminiscing and then the final step of moving onto other people. The track Oh God was featured on the hit TV show Normal People on BBC Three. She’s definitely one to watch out for.

Her Music:

Social Media

Instagram: @orlagartland

Twitter: @orlagartland

Latest Music Video:

JC Stewart

JC Stewart is an Irish singer songwriter. He’s recently gained a lot of popularity in a short space of time with his song Lying That You Love Me played on BBC Radio One as well as a live acoustic set on the Scott Mills Show. JC has also been featured on MTV’s PUSH, One To Watch Shortlist.

His voice has a lovely deep tone, but he can also reach high notes that I’ve never heard any guy sing before. JC Stewart writes honest heartfelt pop ballads. He definitely has a talent for writing and knows how to create a pop song with real feeling. If you don’t know his music already you should give it a listen.

His Music:

Social Media:

Instagram: @jcstewart

Twitter: @jcstewart

Latest Music Video:

Ivory Wave

I’ve mentioned Ivory Wave before (BeatsRoot favourites and one of last year’s interviews), but they really are a band to watch. They are one of those bands that don’t have a specific genre, but that’s what’s so great about them. They cross so many genres like funk, dance, indie rock/pop and this is what adds flair to their music. Their fanbase is growing day by day, which is amazing to see.

Check Out Their Music:

Social Media:

Instagram: @ivorywaveuk


Latest Music Video:


A four-piece band who create future soul/jazz tracks. They marry together emotive lyrics with groovy jazz beats. Their sound feels effortless with the smooth guitar riffs and neat bass lines. They’ve had support from Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio 6, Jamz Supernova on BBC Radio 1Xtra and Jazz Fm to name but a few. Their latest song Company is the perfect track to play loudly on a sunny day with a drink in hand.

Check Out Their Music:

Social Media:

Instagram: @yakulband

Twitter: @yakulband

Facebook: yakulband

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