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Dreamy Tunes!

I thought I would compile a list of ‘dreamy tunes’ for you to check out. More than ever we need music to keep our spirits high and our minds zen. So here’s some that keeps the good vibes flowing.

Aquilo – Just Asking

Aquillo are a British duo consisting of Ben Fletcher and Tom Higham. Their first ever single Calling Me did incredibly well on SoundCloud. They’ve released two albums since, but they then decided to take a two-year break. They took that time to reflect on what music meant to them and why they decided to pursue it. It boils down to passion and that a community of people that love your music is far more important than commercial success.

They make ambient pop with beautiful lyrics that leave you thinking about life. Their newest single Just Asking is floaty piano track that leaves you with goose bumps. Their voices blend perfectly and have a calming tone. Lead singer Tom Highman has a lovely raspy tone to his voice which melds beautifully with the ambient nature of their music. Every note he sings is full of emotion and feeling.

If you haven’t heard of the duo yet, check them out. Their new music is just what you need to feel calm during this uncertain time. They’ve just released two new tracks Just Asking and Sober. You can check out their acoustic version of Sober YouTube :

Check Aquilo out:


Instagram: @aquilo

Twitter: @aquilo

Facebook: Aquilo

FootShooter – Malaika

FootShooter ( Barney Whittaker) is a London based producer, DJ and musician. He blends digital sounds with live instruments to create jazz and soul inspired tracks. Foot shooter’s new EP Libations & Movement is a creation of many sounds:, keyboards, saxophones and dance beats. He modernises jazz and soul in the best way without the true essence of both of those genres.

Check FootShooter out


Instagram: @footshootersound

Twitter: @footshooteruk

Facebook: footshootermusic


Jones (Cherie Jones-Mattis) a RnB/pop singer songwriter who has just come out with a new track titled giving it up. Her voice is elegant and full of soul. About an unexpected romance and how it was found from someone she didn’t think it would be, Giving it up is a catchy tune that stays in your head..

Jones oozes lots of talent and brings out great tunes that will have you dancing! She’s just released a music video to go with the single and you can watch that here on YouTube.

Check Jones out


Instagram: @iseejones

Twitter: @iseeJONES

Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes – Nightrider

The track Nightrider comes from the album What Kinda Music, a collaboration between Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes, who both come from different musical backgrounds. Deyes is a Jazz Drummer and music producer who’s gained popularity for pushing genre restrictions. Misch is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist who fuses hip hop beats, indie guitar sounds, disco and jazz. His album Geography went silver in the UK in 2018.

One of my favourite tracks from the album is nightrider, It combines the two artists styles perfectly, Misch with his dream like vocals and Dayes with his strong powerful drumbeats. The contradicting styles merge to create unusual musical sounds. I highly recommend that you check out this track and listen to the album, I think it’s a wonderful piece of work.

Check out Tom Misch


Instagram: @tommisch

Twitter: @TomMisch

Yussef Dayes


Instagram: @yussefdayes

Twitter: @YussefDayes

Oh Wonder – Lonely Star

Oh Wonder are a British ambient pop/indie duo consisting of Josephine Gucht and Anthony West. Lonely Star is a delicate piano track that showcases Josephine’s and Anthony’s gentle , harmonic vocals. It is a little nod to their early days due to the simple nature and beauty of the song and the fact they are producing each song from home.

The duo have decided to release a collection of songs titled Home Tapes, a song a month like they started out doing at the very beginning of their careers.

They said on Instagram:

“In this unprecedented period of confusion and loneliness, we wanted to contribute to the world’s efforts to makes sense of it all, in the only way we know how. We are taking it back to how we started this band and embarking on a new project called Home Tapes Where we will seek to write, produce, and mix songs at home to share with the world on a regular basis. In the absence of certainty, at least we will have music, and we hope that these songs provide some comfort, companionship and relief to those that need it”

Hope you enjoy listening to the songs and having something calming to listen to!

Check out Oh Wonder


Twitter: @OhWonderMusic

Instagram: @ohwondermusic

Jacob Collier – All I Need (Ft. Mahalia & Ty Dolla $ign)

Jacob Collier is a multi- instrumentalist, music producer and vocalist. He experiments and bends genres constantly. Playing with jazz, soul, pop and blues to name but a few; it’s safe to say Jacob doesn’t like boxes. His debut album In My Room, which he produced and wrote in his room went on to win two Grammys in 2018. He’s worked with Chris Martin , Torrie Kelly and Charlie Puth to name just a few

His newest track All I Need fuses together Jacob’s deep vocals and Mahalia’s soulful voice so perfectly. The two contrast each other so beautifully. Along with Ty Dolla $ign’s more pop vocals and R&B style. The three artists come from different musical backgrounds, but Jacob Collier has managed to blend them all together to create a song that’s unique, fun and beautiful to listen to.

Check Out Jacob Collier


Instagram: @jacobcollier

Twitter: @jacobcollier



Instagram: @mahalia

Twitter: @mahalia

Ty Dolla $ign


Instagram: @tydollasign

Twitter: @tydollasign

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