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Festivals: The Survival Guide

By Chloe Lizzie

Survival Guide

If you haven't been to a festival before, it can be pretty tough deciding what to pack! Here are some essentials you might forget:

1. Toilet Roll - Festival Toilets, love them or hate them if you gotta go, you gotta go. But what’s worse than being stuck on the loo with no toilet roll? Remember to pack some as sometimes these toilets run out of loo roll!

2. Makeup / Baby Wipes - Regardless of your gender, taking a pack of baby wipes or makeup wipes is a MUST! Some festivals don't have showers, and if you’re camping... well you can imagine! Baby wipes can give you a little wash and freshen up, the same goes for makeup wipes.

3. Poncho - The British Summer Time is very unreliable and it’s more than likely to rain. Take a small plastic poncho with you as a 'just in case' and you can pop it in your bum bag. If the heavens open while you're having a dance, you can keep dry and not miss the music.

4. Pot Noodles - It's not the healthiest option at a festival but they're cheap, easy to make and eat! Take a few of these with you and ask at a food van for them to fill it with hot water, they might ask you for a small fee, but you'll save a lot of money eating food you brought than buying food from the vans!

5. Sunglasses Sunglasses are a great accessory to have but also a very big essential! Protect your eyes while dancing in the sun!


Chances are you will be consuming alcohol at the festival you're going to and that's no issue! Remember to stay hydrated by drinking water in-between alcoholic drinks, you can get free water from the public taps, or ask for a cup of water from a bar.

Now for the very taboo subject of drugs. Although a lot of people choose to take them at festivals, they are illegal. If you are a drug user remember that there are many side effect of drugs. Look out for your friends if they are users as taking too much could be fatal. Here are some of the dangers of using drugs:

§ Ecstasy/MDMA: Dehydration, overheating, panic attacks, heart attack, stroke, psychosis-like experiences, low mood in days after use

§ Cocaine: Overheating, paranoia, psychosis-like experiences, heart failure, nasal damage, dependence

§ Ketamine: Accidents, psychosis-like experiences, severe bladder problems, nasal damage, dependence

§ Amphetamines: Heart problems, overheating, anxiety, high blood pressure, psychosis-like experiences, dependence

§ Cannabis: Paranoia, psychosis-like experiences, anxiety, lung damage, nausea, dependence

§ Alcohol: Accidents, nausea, high blood pressure, strokes, liver damage, cancer, dependence

Top Tips:

Here are a few top tips for festivals:

1. Weather - Check the weather before you go, then you can pack sensibly.

2. Extra Socks - if it rains and your feet get wet and cold, you can change to some nice warm socks!

3. Drinks - Take drinks with you if you're allowed to, this will save you a lot of money!

4. Transport - Pre book transport before the festival, book a taxi in advance, book train tickets a few weeks before. If you're travelling a few times there and back to the festival have a look at weekend / day passes!

5. Take a Bum Bag - This will let you keep all your valuables close to you, wear it across your body and keep the bag in front of you at all times to avoid being pick-pocketed.

Have Fun!

Now have fun and enjoy your festival and festival season! No matter what the weather you will have a good time! Remember stay safe, dance hard and sing loud!

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