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Ivory Wave - Dream Nights Review

Ivory wave- Dream Nights

You may have read the interview I did with a while ago with Ivory Wave and now they have their first album out. They’re an up and coming band from Birmingham who’ve been working their way through the Birmingham music scene for a few years now and have finally released their first EP, Dream Nights.

Ivory wave (credit to Ivory Wave and James Kay for the photo)

Ivory Wave are one of those bands that don’t have a specific genre but that’s what’s so great about them. They cross so many genres at once and really created something new. I can only describe their new EP as like a dance, funk, indie rock cross over. Ivory Wave are the band you would get if you merged The Stone Roses and Oasis together. This band don’t just shove together several genres, it’s more like a melting pot of musical genius.

Their new EP Dream Nights perfectly encapsulates exactly what they’re about and lead singer George has a lovely raw and organic vocal. The EP opens with a song called “The Middle”, is a strong opener to the collection of songs, about feeling all the feelings and not being able to pin them down . Uptown is the second song, and this is the most fun upbeat song on the EP, simply about being young and going out, and making sense of being in your twenties.

Uptown has been played on Radio X, BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 1 and it feels like this is just the beginning of their musical journey as a band. I genuinely think this band will be onto big things soon and have already done so much while being completely independent and unsigned.

Link below to buy and stream the EP


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