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JC Stewart : Interview

JC Stewart: Interview

by Maya Kubisa

JC Stewart is an Irish singer songwriter. He writes amazing pop songs with real feeling and his brand-new single ‘I Need You To Hate Me’ is no exception. Since its release has racked up 3 million listens on Spotify! He’s new on the block and gaining attraction deservedly so.

He’s gained a lot of popularity in a short space of time, particularly with his song Lying That You Love Me played on BBC Radio One as well as a live acoustic set on the Scott Mills Show. JC has also been featured on MTV’s PUSH, One To Watch Short List.

We discuss all things song writing, musical influences and more!

You mentioned on social media that you feel your brand-new single ‘I Need You To Hate Me,’ is the best song you’ve written so far? What makes this release different from others, do you feel your writing has evolved in anyway?

I think it’s just because it came kinda easily. It wrote itself in a way. The lyrics also said exactly what I was trying to say which is something I always find hard when writing.

Lying That You Love me’ has done really well recently, was Radio 1’s tune of the week and has been added to their playlist! Is that a surreal feeling?

It’s crazy! It’s a station I’ve listened to for years so to be on the playlist is properly crazy! Hopefully it doesn’t stop there!

'Lying That You Love me' is an emotional song, does this track come from personal a personal experience?

It’s actually from a friend of mine’s experience but one that also relates to me massively. I think everyone’s missed something that wasn’t good for them at some point in time.

Do you get attached to songs or do you move on quickly once you’ve written something?

It really depends on the song. There’s a special few (like INYTHM) which stick around for ages and then mostly the other ones go in a pile to get looked at later.

How has the writing process been for you during lockdown?

I’ve loved it! It’s made me write loads more and in loads of different styles, so it’s been a lot of fun.

Have you always wanted to pursue music from a young age?

Only since maybe 15 or so? Before that I wanted to be a rugby player.

What kind of music did you grow up with at home?

At home it was the classics. Beatles and Van Morrison were a staple with a lot of random other albums thrown in.

You write all your songs; would you ever want to write for other people?

Yeah, I’ve done it a lot! Including writing songs for Lewis Capaldi and James TW among others.

Often musicians talk of always wanting a record deal, has that always been an ‘end’ goal for you?

It was for a long time but as soon as I got one, I realised it was only really another step in the journey rather than the end goal.

Photo by: Zachariah Mahrouche

Did being from Northern Ireland ever feel like a barrier for making a breakthrough in the music industry?

For a while yeah. It felt very far away from all the action and unconnected. But it also was the best upbringing in music anyone could have and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Is there any artist or band that inspired you to pick up an instrument?

Snow Patrol. 100%.

Playing live or recording in the studio?

Definitely live.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to pursue a music career?

Do it all and do it all the time. Write, collaborate, send emails, whatever you feel you need to do!

I have to ask; how does it feel that Jennifer Aniston shared your rendition of The Friends theme tune?

Potentially the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me!

What’s next for you JC? Any new exciting projects on the way?

Lots of collaborations, new songs and who knows what else!

Check Out The Music Video For I Need You To Hate Me :

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