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Let Me Introduce You To Orlando!

Nikes and Dandelions – EP by Orlando

By Maya Kubisa

Album artwork : Orlando

Let me introduce you to Orlando, he’s created his debut EP Nikes and Dandelions all in his bedroom and it’s pretty damn good. The lyrics to each song are very poetic, the guitars are mixed with a soothing piano make for easy listening. The entire EP is all about trying to find love and thinking about what your future might be like. The overall sound has a pop indie feel, with a nod to artists such as Tom Misch and Rex Orange Country.

For me, Jupiter and Kanye Owns the Moon are the two stand out tracks on this EP. Jupiter is a song about a lot of things: questioning your own future, what the future weddings of your friends might be like and describing what it’s like being 20 (you’re not a teen anymore but you certainly don’t feel like much of an adult either). The opening line “what is Jupiter like in the summertime, could I get there pretty soon coz I wish I knew”, does in fact make you wonder what Jupiter is like in summertime. I really like this lyric because it sets the tone for the rest of the song. The track talks of being anxious in your teens and how some of that carries on into your 20’s and no one’s perfect, ever?

Kanye Owns the moon is a catchy song joking about being single and that by the time you find a girlfriend Kanye will probably own the moon! I feel like this is the song that may have been influenced by Rex Orange County, I could be wrong however Orlando certainly has a similar vocal take and instrumental sound.

This EP is a solid attempt and worth your time to seek out. I do love Orlando’s vocal and I can’t wait to listen to more by him. If he can create an EP as good as this I think his next endeavour will be even better. Nikes and Dandelions is a little taster for what Orlando has in store.

Links to Buy and Stream the EP :

Spotify: /Orlando

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I-Tunes: Search, Orlando - Nikes and Dandelions

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