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Loyle Carner Is Back!

Loyle Carner Is Back With A Brand New Calmative Album

By Maya Kubisa

Following on from his first album released two years ago, the critically acclaimed: Yesterday’s Gone, Loyle Carner is back with a brand-new album, Not Waving, But Drowning. On this album the British rapper sings about his life, covering themes very different from the majority of rappers in the charts; his relationship and unconditional love for his mother, the heart-breaking death of his father, his dyslexia.

The album is refreshing as Loyle has decided to be free with his choice of themes this creates a simple, poetic album. The simplicity and yet complexity of each track is what makes this album so special. The album begins with the intro "Dear Jean", a poem written by Loyle Carner and ends with "Dear Ben", the response written by his mum directly to her son. I think this shows real emotional vulnerability which in this modern world can be rare when it comes to men . It shows his young audience that it’s okay to be vulnerable with your emotions and expressing them doesn’t make you any less of a man , in fact it might even make you more of one.

We find the excellent British producer and singer Tom Misch featured on the second track “Angel” and Birmingham’s Jorja Smith on the wonderful “Loose Ends”, she definitely shows off her full talent and prodigious voice. I urge you all to listen to this brilliant album , it will put you in a great relaxing mood .

Check it out in our album of the week here :

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