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Maisie Peters EP- Review

By Maya Kubisa

Maisie Peters is a 19-year-old singer song writer from Brighton who began her career on YouTube by posting videos of original songs she had written. Maisie was just 12 years old when she started writing her own music, and by the time she reached 16, she already had a huge back catalogue of tracks. Even then her songs were true and honest, talking about the struggles of growing up and being a bit different.

Maisie’s new EP “It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral” is a perfect follow on from her debut EP “Dressed Too Nice for A Jacket” which was released late last year. Masie’s first EP was very piano and guitar heavy, about loves obsession and infatuation for someone. This new EP continues the depth of heavy emotions through raw and honest truths, it’s the sort of music that young teens deserve to grow up with, so they realise it’s okay to speak your truth and to openly feel the ups and downs of life. While at the same time young adults can relate to the heartbreak and take comfort as her words lead you to a place of nurture and taking good care of yourself.

The EP opens with a post break up anthem about being in love with someone, being there for them and feeling like they didn’t ever appreciate anything you ever did but you didn’t realise that at the time. ‘Adore You’ is a love song where she isn’t afraid to admit to her lovesick feelings. The lyrics are catchy making it a good sing along. ‘April Showers’ continues the same upbeat synth style before she returns to her guitar roots and gets a bit more sentimental. ‘Take Care of Your Self’, is a song about mental health and taking care of yourself, it’s in the title! A reminder to her friends and family that she’s there and it’s okay to feel blue sometimes.

The second to last track ‘Look at me now’ is about an emotional break up. It’s about feeling like yes, you’re finally over it all and can move on before realising that all you did was bury the feelings you had. The EP ends with the ‘Personal Best’ a song dedicated to her relationships with her best friend and sister, that those are the best relationships she’ll always have.

Maisie Peter’s second EP is my favourite, if this is what she can do at 19 I can not wait for what she does next.

Spotify Link to her new EP:

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